Download Version Beta0.9899.

  • New - Added TA_HOME environment variable. Program can now be used from any directory.
    • See “Getting Started” for updated install instructions
  • New - Added initial Testbench pluging functionality.
    • test case editor.
    • test vector generator.
    • initial documentation testbench.
  • Fixed - VHDL app note VHDL source update for new API calls.

The Testbench functionality is new so user feedback would be great.

Download Version Beta0.9898.

  • New - All Labels for Text, Delays, Constraints, and PulseWidthLabels can be attached to a signal.
  • New - Pop-up menu -> “Attach To Signal”. Selected objects are attached to a signal listed in the pop-up menu.
  • New - Pop-up menu -> “Detach From Signal” Selected objects are detached from the Signal(s)
  • New - SA button in toolbar shows attached Objects in Cyan
  • Fixed - time warp delete then add. Needed to sort time warp list
  • Fixed - undo/redo text moves. Move past top undo needs to be fixed.
  • Fixed - multiple PWLs can be un-hidden

Moving Signals and Labels together is very easy now.

Download Version Beta0.9897.

  • Fixed - long load times on diagrams with large number of delays.
  • Fixed - Multiple Delays can not be added to the same destination edge.
    • An warning message appears and stops the operation
    • A feature to add in the future. multiple delay paths
  • Fixed - Changing part delay from .tim file updates the GUI delay dialog
  • Fixed - When deleting delay, it was not removed from all internal link lists
  • Fixed - Deleting pulses with only one edge selected.
    • 2 edges need to be selected to delete a pulse now.
  • Fixed - horizontal scroll bar update with timing diagram width changes.
  • Fixed - hide and show multiple constraints and delays at one time.
  • Fixed - moving multiple text labels at the same time.

Download Version Beta0.9896.

  • Improvement - Edge move and drag operations will not let any edge pass another edge causing overlap.
  • Improvement - Easier way to edit bus values.
  • Improvement - Error checking for adding bus pulse values.
  • Improvement - Added new python function get_abs_file_path(taApp)
  • Fixed - synchronous moves when alt with left/right key combinations are used.
  • Fixed - missing vertical lines when saving images

Download Version Beta0.9895.

  • Fixed issue related to pSec timeScale

Download Version Beta0.9894.

  • Added Edge margin color and hash lines
    • Click between min and max edges (this selects the EdgeMargin)
    • Click on toolbar color button to change color
    • Click on Hash line button to add hash lines. Click again to remove them.
  • Fixed synchronous moves
  • Improvement to Undo and Redo functions
  • Moved settings files to user_home_dir/.ta
  • Updated documentation

Download Version Beta0.9893.

  • Fixed dragging or moving multiple Delays that start from the same edge
  • Fixed the last edge not displayed after TimeWarp

Download Version Beta0.9891.

  • StateBar vertical line is displayed between clocks to show isolation between clock domains

Download Version Beta0.989.

  • Fixed StateBar display position in edge

Download Version Beta0.988.

  • Fixed pulse width label dashed lines not visible in image diagrams
  • Fixed the examples .tim files that didn’t load

Download Version Beta0.987.

  • Improved Asynchronous and Synchronous Add Pulse.
  • Should be much easier to use now as it was before all the changes in b0.980

Download Version Beta0.985.

  • Fixed VCD last value change on bus wrong at end time
  • Fixed signal state displayed after TimeWarp

Download Version Beta0.984.

  • Fixed VCD bus size values not the correct length.
  • Fixed VCD analog signal drawing routine to use new time engine.
  • Fixed VCD analog example sine_waves.vcd

Download Version Beta0.983.

  • Fixed VCD file time scale - error shown when label not centered.
  • Fixed verilog app note source files.

Download Version Beta0.982.

  • Fixed Constraint - error shown when label not centered.

Download Version Beta0.981.

  • Fixed “Add Edge” problem in b0.980
  • Time Scale added to Edit Menu
  • Quick Guide added to main web page

Download Version Beta0.980.

  • New timing engine with fS accuracy.
  • Added jitter margins.
  • Delays can show min or max annotations
  • Improved Zoom functions.
  • A new app note, “Intro to Timing Analysis”
  • Improved python scripting API.
  • Plus many bug fixes and improvements.

Download Version Beta0.971.

  • Fix Signal names missing in save images.
  • Fix Last directory remembered with saving images
  • Fix Delay and Constraint edge positions used.
  • Fix Added Max Constraint back in checks.
  • Changed User Delay to Part Delay
  • Changed User Constraint to Part Constraint.
  • Added Part Delay GUI panel.
  • Added Part Constraint GUI panel.

Download Version Beta0.970.

  • New “Add Pulse” AP mode button in toolbar. When “Add Pulse” mode is enabled, you can add pulses or edges to any signal in the diagram. The Buttons for H L Z X B are disabled when “Add Pulse” mode is disabled.

  • New “Show Hidden” button in the toolbar. Use this to show any hidden Pulse Width Labels, Constraints, or Delays. Use the pop-up menu to un-hide any selected hidden object. Use the pop-up menu to hide the object. The hidden objects are shown with a yellow background.

  • Selected objects are shown with dashed line red rectangle around the border. Use toolbar buttons to change color, font, and line styles and see the results immediately

  • New font select combobox and button in toolbar. You can easily change the font used for any text selected in the diagram with one click.

  • Added Differential Driver. Given an input signal, it creates differential signals. Delays from the original input signal can be added to model path delays or skew on each signal.

  • Added “Sync Clock” to DigitalSignal and DigitalBus. When adding pulses to a Signal or Bus, the clock above the signal is used by default if the Synchronous Clock is not specified. For example: How can I model clock tree skew? Add a Differential Driver with a DigitalClock named CLK as the input. Specify delays on both outputs CLK+ and CLK- to represent the different path delays and skew. Sounds like a good idea for another application note.

  • Updated the Python API. Updated functions with more consistent argument positions for addDigitalClock, addDigitalBus, and addDigitalSignal. This will break older scripts but the changes are very simple. I will add a note in the announcement that shows how to fix the scripts.

    The following functions are recommended when adding signals to a timing diagram.

    • dclk = timDiagram.addDigitalClock(name, startState, freq)
    • dclk = timDiagram.addDigitalClock(name, startState, freq, dutyCyle)
    • dclk = timDiagram.addDigitalClock(name, startState, freq, dutyCyle, riseTime, fallTime)
    • dsig = timDiagram.addDigitalSignal(name, startState)
    • dsig = timDiagram.addDigitalSignal(name, startState, riseTime, fallTime)
    • dbus = timDiagram.addDigitalBus(name, startState, stateFormat)
    • dbus = timDiagram.addDigitalBus(name, startState, stateFormat, riseTime, fallTime)

    The following functions have been removed.

    • timDiagram.addDigitalClock(dclk)
    • timDiagram.addDigitalSignal(dsig)
    • timDiagram.addDigitalBus(dbus)
  • Fixed addTimeWarp script function.

  • Plus other minor fixes and improvements.

Download Version Beta0.963.

  • Fixed Edge fall time – Signals were using one value for rise and fall times.

  • Fixed Locale settings to english and US. This should override any settings made by the JVM. This Locale is displayed if started from the command line.

  • Added VCD Analog Signals. Try sine_waves.vcd in example dir. VCD files get converted automatically to timing diagrams so this is the start of AnalogSignal for timing diagrams. More capablities will be added in future versions. Recommendations and suggestions welcome from users. Looking for VCD file examples from users to help test this feature.

  • Started the clean-up of the examples directory. There where many examples from previous versions of the TimingAnalyzer that were not working.

    • cnstrnt_err.tim
    • cram_read.tim
    • pci_bus_master_mem_read.tim
    • pci_bus_master_mem_write.tim
    • pci_io_read.tim
    • pci_io_write.tim
    • sine_waves.vcd

Download Version Beta0.962.

  • Fixed VCD file loading
  • Fixed Python scripts not executing from GUI

Download Version Beta0.961.

  • Fixed update UserDelay options
  • Added constraint margin time in display when “show constraint time” is selected.
  • Fixed Clock, Signal, and Bus edge values only using pS when adding signals

Download Version Beta0.960.

  • PulseWidthLabels, Text Labels, Constraints, and Delays can cross TimeWarps
  • Improved drawing routines allow timing diagram to start at a time other than 0
  • Fixes VHDL and Verilog monitors so simulation waveform views can start at a time other than 0
  • Add and Edit Pulses and Edges with new toolbar .
  • Many other improvements and fixes

Download Version Beta0.957.

  • Included images directory in TimingAnalyzer.jar to clean up the install directory
  • Fixed bus value select when the bus value did not contain a number.
  • Fixed clock edge times displayed that were rounded to ns. Now accurate to +/- 1.0E-15.
  • Fixed user delay / constraint panel textfields position on OS X