Working with TimeWarps

Time Warps allow you to compress the diagram or skip periods of time. This is useful when you want to show transactions that are far apart in time.


  • Select an edge at the start time and another edge at the end time of the new TimeWarp.
  • Add Menu -> TimeWarp or Ctrl-0 or pop-up menu → Add TimeWarp.

Selecting and Deselecting


  1. Click in the TimeWarp


  1. Click in the diagram in an empty area. This deselects all the objects.
  2. Use the “Esc” key. This also deselects all objects.
  3. You can also hold down the Shft key and click in the TimeWarp.


  • Currently, you can not edit a TimeWarp.


  • Currently, you can not edit a TimeWarp.


  • Select the TimeWarp. Click in TimeWarp.
  • Use delete key.